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the smooth sailing fangirl
Feb 12 11 - [sticky post]

You could also say permanent hiatus, if you so wish. I realized that it was simply a farce to believe that I would make new layouts again. The fact is, not only have my interests changed, but I'm getting a lot more work from college now. LJ layout making is no longer something I have the patience for, especially when my other activities have more relevance to my desired career in game development, and/or actually have the potential to earn me a paycheck. I won't go into the details, as they'd just bore you fine folks, so in short: don't expect to see more layouts.

I'm really sorry about this -- I tried to delay the inevitable as much as possible. But it's just not going to happen anymore. So I'd like to redirect you to refutare, a layout community operated by two very talented friends of mine. You're probably watching them already, but if you aren't, get on it!

Anyway, I think I've rambled on long enough. Thank you for all the support over the years, and farewell. ♥

EDIT: The community will not be deleted. It will remain as an archive of my layouts. :)
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
this is so sad. D;
i really hope everything works out for you ♥
we will be missing your layouts though; that's for sure :'(
Feb 12 11 (UTC)

I just wanted to say that your High Society layout inspired me to learn css and to try to always practice good design.

Thank you.
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
I'm really sorry to hear that - your layouts were in my top two. But I totally understand your reasons, and I wish you luck. I really hope that things work out perfectly for you, and that you can wow us again someday. ♥

I'll still plunder these archives. XD
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
I hope things work out for you and that you become successful in your career. Out of curiosity, will the community be deleted? I sincerely hope not D:
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
Thank you! And no, it will stay around forever, it just won't be updated. I have no plans to delete. :)
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
That's a relief. I have a lot of your layout memmed for future use. Also, game development sounds like a really exciting and fun career. Unlike the one I have waiting for me >__>
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
I'm so sad DD8 I'm surprised you still go to college!
I thought you already a professional D8
gonna miss your awesome creations ;~;
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
Good luck to you! ♥
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
uhmm it's sad but, Good luck for you!

but but..don't delete the comm pretty please ? because I want to change my layout to one of them..sad tho I won't see more from you but still I'm happy for the layouts available here~
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
This is too bad :(
But thank you for making all those lovely layouts, and I do wish you luck in your career in game development! ♥
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
Aw! That's too bad... well, good luck in your newer activities (career in game development is officially the coolest thing I've ever heard!) :)
I will not unfriend this comm since I'm pretty sure I'll keep coming back for your beautiful work! Thanks for not deleting it ^^
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
thanks so much for your work these past years. I will probably always use your stuff.
best of luck on your other endeavors!
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
I quite understand the change in interests; I'm sorry to see you go (like you say, clean no-nonsense layouts are the shit, basically), but best of luck!
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
Thank you so much for all the lovely layouts you've made and good luck in everything! :)
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear this. You and your high-quality work will b sorely missed on Livejournal.

Good luck with all of your future undertakings. ♥
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work here, and also for your decision to leave the community open as an archive. A lot of graphic communities seem to have closed all of the sudden, but the maintainers choose to also delete them so all of the work is lost. So, I know I'm not the only one who appreciates your leaving it open. =) I always have trouble finding nice, clean layouts that I can add my own graphics to, so thank you for that!
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
Thank you so much for the time you've put into it! Your layouts were hands-down my very very very favourite on LJ, anywhere; I switched to a customised version of your Smooth Sailing (Coffee Royal), and haven't looked back since. (Or the only times I have, it was to contemplate switching to another one you've made.) Best of luck in your future endeavours, man -- prioritising RL & college makes complete sense. :D

Feb 12 11 (UTC)
goodbye and good luck to you. ♥
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
Bummer, I love your layouts! But it's good you're doing something you love (and getting paid for it, I assume). And if making layouts helped you somehow accomplish the position you're in now, then, awesome!

And thanks for keeping the community up. I'll definitely keep using your layouts as long as they keep working.

In short: Thanks for the prettiness - have fun with everything you do next. :D
Feb 12 11 (UTC)
It'll be tragic without you (I can't even contemplate trying Minimalism now), but I completely support your decision. Thank you for the plug, although updates are crawling, haha :( ♥
Feb 13 11 (UTC)
Wow. Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing layouts. I tend to rotate mine on the comms I run and my personal LJ and I have adored so many of your creations. Best of luck in your chosen field.
Feb 13 11 (UTC)
:( Awww.

...also, I love your icon.
Feb 13 11 (UTC)
thanks for all your awesome work. i've really enjoyed your layouts. &hearts

good luck with the future! c:
Feb 14 11 (UTC)
this is such a tragedy. :( your layouts will be sorely missed. :'(
Mar 15 11 (UTC)
thanks for those awesome layouts dude. have a nice day.
Apr 12 11 (UTC)
thank you for all the beautiful stylesheets you've made in the past years. farewell and good luck!
Jun 17 11 (UTC)
I don't suppose you'd be offering help when LJ changes things and the layout goes weird, would you? ;)

I've been using the nifty Adobe-like Expressive layout (http://spire.livejournal.com/50771.html#cutid1) you had created and it worked fine until LJ changed the navbar at the top of the page. Now, no matter what I do and no matter what I experiment with (without knowing what I'm doing exactly, lol), it fails to fix it. Boohoo. :(

Edited at 2011-06-17 01:57 am (UTC)
Oct 07 16 (UTC)
You could also say permanent hiatus if you so wish I realized that it was simply a farce to believe
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