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the smooth sailing fangirl
minimalism: new york 
Nov 21 10 (UTC)
Thanks so much!

I have a question, however. I just installed this layout and I LOVE IT, but for some reason, no matter how large I make my browser window, there is still a horizontal scroll bar at the very bottom with a little bit of wiggle room. And it's driving me nuts! Is there a way to tweak the CSS to fix this? I'm using Chrome by the way, if that matters.
(Deleted comment)
Nov 29 10 (UTC)
I must say they are all briliant. I could't decide, in the end I took this one and credited.
Thank you.
Jan 08 11 (UTC)
I love this layout! Using it now. Thanks.
Jan 11 11 (UTC)
Grabbed, put up, credited you in my user info. Thanks!
Jan 13 11 (UTC)
Amazing layout!
Feb 10 11 (UTC)
Love it. Saving in memories and Using it.
Mar 23 11 (UTC)
^^ Taking!
Jul 06 11 (UTC)
lovely and simple; perfect! I'll certainly be sure to credit.
Jul 06 11 (UTC)
Loved this, will credit :)
Jul 22 13 (UTC)
Using this layout, will credit! Thank you~
Jan 31 15 (UTC)
Hi! I'll be using this for my lj account!
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