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the smooth sailing fangirl
smooth sailing: hells bells 
Jul 08 10

I recall someone saying something about wanting a dark layout, so here's a dark layout! I also hastily inverted the colors for a light version.

layout notes
account types
Basic, Plus, Paid (Horizontal ads)
compatible browsers
Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
minimum resolution
comment pages
Default header menu
css stylesheet
pick your layout:
Hells Bells (Dark)
Hells Bells (Light)
how to install
1. Apply any Smooth Sailing theme.

2. Scroll down to Choose a Page Setup and select 2 Column (sidebar on left).
Paste the following code into Format for Date and Time (Recent/Friends/Entry/Reply page) and Format for Date and Time (Day page only).

Define your links. These are the links that show up underneath the title. I recommend adding no more than 5-6 links of moderate length.
Make sure any drop-down boxes are set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.
upload images
The images in this layout are hosted on Tinypic. It is highly recommended that you re-upload them to your own server, as I won't replace them if they break.

other notes
This layout will work best with a short journal title.
credit and comment
• Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
• Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!
• Icon by parle
• Circular icons by Pro Theme Design
• Inspired by the Simplified Clothing blog
read the layout faq before asking questions!
commission a custom layout!
Jul 08 10 (UTC)
Stumbled through via WITB and came across surprise!layouts, what a nice find :D . Picked the black but not used yet, will credit when I do. So many screw around with dark layouts but always end up seeming a bit off, for some reason yours is just right. *ponders*

*shrugs* Either way, very nice.
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