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the smooth sailing fangirl
smooth sailing: hells bells 
Aug 15 10 (UTC)
Love this, nice and simple, I darkened it up a bit on my LJ.
Credits and love on my profile :)
Aug 18 10 (UTC)
Hi - I'm using this layout (with credit) and I love it, but for some reason it seems to be distorting/changing the sizes of pictures that I post. I've checked one entry, for example, where the html says the pic is 450x600 but shows up all distorted and more like 600x450; and my friendslock banner is showing up smaller than the size it should be as well. Any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm not very good with code, so this could be my mistake, but I didn't notice these changes before I applied this layout....

Thanks! Love your work!
Nov 10 10 (UTC)
hey, I'm mega late but I'd seen this problem before so I went in and fixed it

you need to find
.entryText img {

in your css, and replace it with
.entryText img {
height: auto;

or something similar, just get the height:auto statement in there
Aug 21 10 (UTC)
Loooove this! Using it now. :) Put up credits as well.
Sep 02 10 (UTC)
So gorgeous!
Sep 09 10 (UTC)
using it! thank you!
Sep 12 10 (UTC)
using the light version! thanks :]
Oct 08 10 (UTC)
Beautiful! ♥
Oct 13 10 (UTC)
thanks! it's amazing
Oct 28 10 (UTC)
Taking, thank you! ♥
Nov 05 10 (UTC)
Just happened to stumble here, and what can I say...
The layouts here are awesome! They look really cool.!

I'll be using this for renewal for my journal.
Will credit. :D
Nov 15 10 (UTC)
Thanks! Snagged the light version.
Nov 21 10 (UTC)
This is lovely, using it on a daily comm (j10_daily)

I'm probably being a dumbass but is there a way to make it go to the plain white page when you click the post link/lj-cut? I'm probably completely missing it.
Dec 11 10 (UTC)
Really nice!
Jan 11 11 (UTC)
I love this layout, it's so clean. My only issue with it is that there is no way to access user info from the friends page, but that's a minor inconvenience.

I have discovered a problem, and am unsure if it is a CSS issue or a problem with my journal specifically or something else. I seem unable to post a poll; I've used the html button on the "Post an Entry" page and the separate poll creator, but when I preview/post, the buttons don't show up. Is this layout incapable for some reason of displaying polls? Fixed. It was a goof on my end. Thanks for the beautiful layout!

Edited at 2011-01-11 02:28 pm (UTC)
Jan 20 11 (UTC)
*__* Beautiful layout. Using the dark one right now, will definitely credit! ♥
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