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the smooth sailing fangirl
smooth sailing: hells bells 
Jul 09 10 (UTC)
omg LOVE
Jul 09 10 (UTC)
Oh I really love it. thanks memming, ♥
Jul 09 10 (UTC)
These are stunning, yet simple :3
Your work is truely amazing!

Using the second with credit~
Jul 09 10 (UTC)
Hell yes, snagging!!
Jul 10 10 (UTC)
All your layouts are sending me into a tizzy, I swear. Minimalism is simply my dream. ♥
Jul 10 10 (UTC)
Beautiful <3 Taking!
Jul 10 10 (UTC)
it is really really pretty. using it right now.
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
You make the best lj layouts, I swear. Gonna use the dark one! (8
Jul 12 10 (UTC)
gorgeous! using the light one
Jul 17 10 (UTC)
im SOO taking this layout!! thanks so much~!
Jul 17 10 (UTC)
I wasn't the one who asked for a dark layout, but I sure appreciate it. Its easier on those with terrible eyesight. Thanks!

Memming to use later.
Jul 29 10 (UTC)
Using the dark one
Aug 03 10 (UTC)
I really like the simplistic feel to this layout. Snagging the light version. Thanks!
Aug 03 10 (UTC)
using the light version. thank you!
Aug 06 10 (UTC)
This is gorgeous, snagging the dark version for my layout, and posted credit in the profile. Thank you.
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