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the smooth sailing fangirl
minimalism: planet caravan 
Jun 30 10

EDIT 2: Chrome/Safari bug is FIXED! :D

I decided to play around with Minimalism here -- the bar on the side of each entry varies between five different colors, depending on the entry ID. It's actually a lot more randomized than it looks in the preview; it ended up going from darkest -> lightest purely out of coincidence. Surprisingly enough, it didn't break in IE.

(Btw, I'm pretty sure there's one thing I'm forgetting to fix in the stylesheet, or address here, but I can't remember what. I'll edit this once I do. 8|)

layout notes
account types
Basic, Plus, Paid
compatible browsers
Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
There are minor alignment issues in IE (as usual).
minimum resolution
comment pages
css stylesheet
how to install
Type Deep Ocean into the search box and apply the theme.
Make sure any drop-down boxes are set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.
upload images
The following icons were uploaded to Tinypic, which I've known to be pretty good with not deleting stuff, but you might want to up them to your own account to ensure that they stick around.

change the colors
At the end of the stylesheet, you can find this block of code:
dl[id$="4"], dl[id$="9"] {
dl[id$="2"], dl[id$="8"] {
dl[id$="3"], dl[id$="6"] {
dl[id$="7"], dl[id$="1"] {
dl[id$="5"], dl[id$="0"] {
Simply change the hex values to your own colors.
credit and comment
• Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
• Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!
• Icons by Icon Dock and damnicons.
• Userpic by kush.
• Based on the Maddening Caravan palette.
read the layout faq before asking questions!
commission a custom layout!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
OOH. I like it. ♥
Thank you for sharing. It's lovely. :3
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Fantastic layout! I'm using it, thanks!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Neat looking layout. :)
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
This looks awesome! Memming for future use.
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
This is beautiful! I just changed my layout but now I might have to switch again!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
this is prettyy. ♥
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
oh gosh, so cool
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
This looks pretty neat, memming for future use <3
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Ooh, I love this! Memming.
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Grabbing this once I get home, will be credited in the user info. Love your stuff!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
what a cool idea!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Welcome back :)
Awesome layout. Using with credit, thanks much <3
(Right, I saw the FAQ and it's closed. I am reallly sorry to bug you with this, but I seem to be having problems. To make it short please see the image provided: screenshot. Please help. Thank you and sorry for the trouble once again!)

Edited at 2010-06-30 05:19 pm (UTC)
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
It's okay, if it's a bug I'm all for trying to root it out! However, I did recheck your journal with Chrome (I also run Win 7) and I don't see anything wrong. Did you fix it in the meantime, or is the issue still there?

Also, I hate to ask, but did you edit anything in the code? :O I'm only curious because I'm having difficulty reproducing the problem. Thanks!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
I love it! Using. ♥
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
This is very nice. I'm using it, thanks!
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
This is such a great layout, I really want to use it, but something seems to be glitching; when I view my journal, the layout is too wide, but when viewing my friends page, it's fine, so I'm not sure what's wrong?
Jun 30 10 (UTC)
Yeah, someone else is reporting the same problem. I'm going to investigate it now, since unlike her journal, yours actually displays it on my computer. I'm dumbfounded as to what could be causing it, but I'll get back to you as soon as it's fixed.
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