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smooth sailing: palaven

I actually made another layout! It's been more than a year, geez. Long story short, I was hit by some pretty hefty IRL problems and it killed off my creativity, big time. I hope this means the end of that era and a return to regular layout updates!

This layout was actually created a few months ago for my personal journal, and now I've finally taken the time to refine the code for public consumption. :) I'm super rusty so yeah, do let me know if any bugs pop up. It is designed for a widescreen monitor, so I wouldn't recommend using it if you're still using a monitor from 1997. :P

Garrrruuuuusssss ♥

EDIT: Found the first bug! If the userpic is waaaaaaay off to the right, check under the newly-added "Display" heading in the instructions below.

EDIT 2: Added a fix for the same problem in the comment pages.

EDIT 3: Made the comment username font match up with the one used on the friend page usernames. Yeah you can tell I coded the comment pages in a hurry.

layout notes
account types
Basic, Plus*, Paid
(Ads on vertical.)
compatible browsers
Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
minimum resolution
1200px+ wide recommended
comment pages
All sidebar stuff but the Links List and Free Text.
css stylesheet
how to install
1. Apply any Smooth Sailing theme.

2. Scroll down to Choose a Page Setup and select 2 Column (sidebar on left).
Make sure Userinfo Position in Entries and Userinfo Position in Comments (if using custom comment pages) is set to Left Side of Entry Text.
Paste the code into its respective boxes:

Format for Date and Time (Recent/Friends/Entry/Reply page) and Format for Date and Time (Day page only)
Set these drop down boxes to the following:
  • Links Visibility - 1
  • Free Text Position - 2
Hide all other Position boxes.
Define your links. Define your links. These are the links that show up in the left sidebar.
Make sure any drop-down boxes are set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.
credit and comment
• Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
• Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!
• Mini icons by Tutorial9.
• Garrus icon by kikoshou!
read the layout faq before asking questions!
Tags: - all layouts, style: smooth sailing
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