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the smooth sailing fangirl
smooth sailing: methane 
Apr 17 09

Modified version of my personal layout that has been sitting around for way too long.

(Reposted this because I left out an important part of the instructions. I'm way too tired.)

layout notes
account types
Basic, Plus, Paid
compatible browsers
Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
minimum resolution
comment pages
• Sidebar
css stylesheet
how to install
1. Apply any Smooth Sailing theme.

2. Scroll down to Choose a Page Setup and select 2 Column (sidebar on left).
1. Set Userinfo Position in Entries to Right side of the entry text.

2. Set Wrap Entry text under userinfo to No.
1. Paste the code into its respective boxes:

Format for Date and Time (Recent/Friends/Entry/Reply page) and Format for Date and Time (Day page only)

2. (Optional) Scroll down to the Comments section and shorten the text for Link text to read comments, otherwise, it will overflow when an entry has comments in the hundreds.
Make sure any drop-down boxes are set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.
upload images

Upload the images to a site like Tinypic or Photobucket, then replace the old URLs.
credit and comment
• Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
• Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!
• Icon by puncture.
read the layout faq before asking questions!
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
me too :X
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
Awesome! I'm using this!
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
freaking beautiful. Thank you!!
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
homg, might be using this next. definitely memming ♥
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
pretty! memming
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
Love that wood pattern ♥ Adding to mems ^_^
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
Pfft, this is awesome. @__@ Using, thanks so much.
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
O-M-G!!! o__o This is absolutely adorable! Will use it, soon. But I just changed my layout. Is there any way, that you add a sidebar at the top? *__*
Love it. X3 Meming it. X3
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
Awesome! Memming ♥ :)
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
Using and erm... edited the hell out of it. I'm just in a light mood :) thank you
Apr 18 09 (UTC)
using, thank u.
Apr 19 09 (UTC)
Beautiful. Using.
Apr 19 09 (UTC)
Using! I hope you don't mind that I modified it a little.
Apr 20 09 (UTC)
This is great, memming ♥
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