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the smooth sailing fangirl
smooth sailing: the end is nigh 
Jan 13 09

Yes, this is the old community layout, which I'm throwing up for the 1000 watchers thing. I've fixed it up to make it better for public consumption, but there is one important thing I want to emphasize.

Do not use this unless you're willing to follow the instructions to the letter. Because this layout was designed for a community, I made it so I could customize all of the links and text via the sidebar. Setting this layout up might be confusing unless you're accustomed to using the Smooth Sailing sidebar settings.

Just a warning so I don't get 2394824 poorly written comments asking about a messed up layout. :D

And yes I have recently been reading a lot of Watchmen.

EDIT: Tiny icons for news, partner comms, RSS, etc. did not match userinfo and community icons. Fixed.

layout notes
account types
Basic, Plus, Paid
compatible browsers
Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
minimum resolution
comment pages
Currently needs the Navstrip to display properly, this will be fixed eventually.
• Default navigation (Recent, Friends, Archive, etc.)
css stylesheet
how to install
Apply any Smooth Sailing theme.
1. Set these drop down boxes to the following:
  • Links Visibility - 1
  • Free Text Position - 2
  • Free Text #2 Position - 3
  • Free Text #3 Position - 4 (optional; these are the links underneath the topbar boxes)
Hide all other Position boxes.

2. Find Links Sidebox Title and Free Text Sidebox #3 Title and delete the text. Make sure something is entered for Free Text Sidebox Title and Free Text Sidebox #2 Title, as the layout is dependent on these. If you don't want titles for the topbar boxes, go down to Other Instructions.

3. Enter your free text in Free Text Sidebox Text.

4. Enter your additional links in Free Text Sidebox #2 Text. You can use the template below:

5. If you have the bottommost links enabled, enter these into Free Text Sidebox #3 Text. You can use the template below:

Define your links. These are the large links at the top of the layout.
Make sure any drop-down boxes are set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.
upload images

Upload the images to a site like Tinypic or Photobucket, then replace the old URLs.
entry date format
Go to Entry Text » Page » Format for Date and Time (Recent/Friends/Entry/Reply page) and paste in the following:

disable the topbar titles
Find .sideboxTitle and add display:none;.

Then find .sidebox #freetext and .sidebox #freetext2. For each, change padding:0 14px 14px; to padding:14px;.
credit and comment
• Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
• Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!
• Background by mixremix.
• Icon by strzyga.
read the layout faq before asking questions!
Jan 13 09 (UTC)
DEFINITELY using this layout for something, I'v been wanting it ever since I first saw it :) +memming, thank you for all your hard work <3
Jan 13 09 (UTC)
I love how clean this layout is; awesome job!! :DDD
Jan 13 09 (UTC)
You have the best layouts. (:
Jan 13 09 (UTC)
AJhffkjglkdfjglkfdg oh my god yess Watchmen.
Jan 13 09 (UTC)
I can't wait for Watchmen to come out in theaters. I just bought the Watchmen comic too a few days ago. Slakdjlafa. I COULD use this for something but dunno yet 8) Lovely job!
Jan 13 09 (UTC)
YAY! +meming and will probably use very soon.
Jan 14 09 (UTC)
Watchmen = best comic ever.

I'll use this layout for my comm for sure!
Jan 14 09 (UTC)
Watchmen! \m/
Jan 14 09 (UTC)
Ohh awesome work like always! I'm probably going to use that one.

Jan 15 09 (UTC)
Gorgeous, as usual =)
Jan 15 09 (UTC)

i've been waiting for a black-sort-of-themed layout.
thank you so much!
Jan 15 09 (UTC)
I really like hte background!
Jan 22 09 (UTC)
Using and crediting &hearts :']
Jan 24 09 (UTC)
hey how do you place the ads somewhere else? the ads cover everything on top):
Jan 24 09 (UTC)
You can change ad placement here.
Jan 24 09 (UTC)
oh, thanks! i feel like such a noob now:/ btw, one more annoying question. my search stuff and tags cover the space in between the links and my most recent entry. how do i fix it?
Jan 24 09 (UTC)
If you follow the instructions, it shouldn't end up that way.
Jan 31 09 (UTC)
This is absolutely gorgeous ♥! I'm using it right now at my journal, but I seem to be having a padding issue. My first entry appears much higher than it does in the sample, and had the title been longer, it would overlap quite a lot. I was lucky that my first post has a really short title, but it still bothers me how close it is. I've checked a few times to see what I could have messed up, but ahhh D:!
Feb 01 09 (UTC)
Gah, oversight on my part. Go to .bodyblock and change padding:194px 0 0; to this>

239px 0 0

That should work!
Feb 01 09 (UTC)
Yeap, it works great right now, thanks XD ♥
Feb 01 09 (UTC)
This layout is amazing.♥
Feb 05 09 (UTC)
love this! memmming, thanks :DD
Feb 08 09 (UTC)
One of my absolute favorites. Thank you :)
Apr 04 09 (UTC)
This is really lovely! Thank you, will credit if used (:
Apr 17 09 (UTC)
Definitely must add to mems. This is fantastic, great work. ♥
Nov 05 10 (UTC)
This, I LOVE. <3

Will credit. I love this.
Mar 28 11 (UTC)
Ok so it took me an hour but I've got the whole thing set up.
this layout is beautiful and once you've gotten everything situated the links and such are actually quite easy to work with.
thanks <3
Apr 06 13 (UTC)
now using this layout.

Thanks. :)
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