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the smooth sailing fangirl
opal: december 
Dec 25 08

Merry Christmas!

layout notes.

Account Types:

Basic, Plus and Paid

Compatible Browsers:

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome.

Min. Resolution:


Credits and Misc.:



Compatible with and without.

Custom Comment Pages?:


Disabled Elements:

• Userpic


CSS Stylesheet:

How to Install:

1. Click here OR type "Opal" into the search box. Apply one of the listed themes.

2. Click Customize your theme in the Current Theme box on the upper-right.

3. Click Custom CSS. Make sure the drop-down box is set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.

Credit and Comment:

Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!

Other Instructions:

Enable Userpic:
Not recommended since it causes some strange stretching. Simply find .userpic2 and remove display: none;.

Enable Userpic on Recent Entries:
Make sure you've done the above first, then go to DisplayPresentation and set Always display userpic? to Yes.

Please read all instructions and the LAYOUT FAQ before asking questions!
Dec 25 08 (UTC)
This is so brilliant! Saving to mems.
And a Merry Christmas! ♥
Dec 25 08 (UTC)
This is great +mems.
And happy holidays!
Dec 25 08 (UTC)
Awesomeness! Saving to mems for later. Thanks!
Dec 25 08 (UTC)
This is very nice! :D Love the wood texture! :DDD

Merry Christmas to you, too! ♥
Dec 26 08 (UTC)
Simply gorgeous.

Using and credited in user info <3 Thank you so much!
Jan 02 09 (UTC)
luv it!
Mar 10 09 (UTC)
Mar 11 09 (UTC)
I've found my new layout. :3 Thanks! Love it.
Aug 22 09 (UTC)
very nice;
using, thanks. (:
Nov 10 09 (UTC)
Totally using this! :D
Jan 16 11 (UTC)
After over an hour searching for layouts, this is perfect! Changing right now, will credit of course :)
Feb 24 11 (UTC)
Very simple, very pretty. Memming.
Jun 20 11 (UTC)
this is a beautiful, clean layout w/ easy to read font and access links <3 thank you so much dears!
Jul 04 11 (UTC)
Thanks a lot, finally a clean one without annoying sidebars! Using with full credit <3
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