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the smooth sailing fangirl
smooth sailing: aperture (v.2) 
Dec 18 08

I gave the code for this layout a major rehaul, in addition to an updated design. The old post and codes will be deleted.

IMPORTANT! The layout will not display properly if you don't set both a title and a subtitle. It is possible to edit the layout so you won't need either of these elements, but I cannot help you.

layout notes.

Account Types:

Basic, Plus and Paid

Compatible Browsers:

Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari, Google Chrome

Min. Resolution:


Credits and Misc.:

Inspired by the F8 Lite theme for Wordpress.


Works both with and without.

Custom Comment Pages?:


Disabled Elements:



CSS Stylesheet:

Pick your layout:
Aperture (header)
Aperture (no header)

How to Install:

1. Click here OR type "Smooth Sailing" into the search box. Apply one of the listed themes. Scroll down to Choose a Page Setup and make sure 2 Column (sidebar on left) is selected.

2. Click Customize your theme in the Current Theme box on the upper-right.

3. IF YOU WANT THE DATE FORMAT IN THE PREVIEW: Go to Entry TextPageFormat for Date and Time (Recent/Friends/Entry/Reply page) and paste in the following:

4. Click Sidebar. This layout supports any arrangement of the Latest Month, Links List and Free Text (you can have more than one free text box if you choose).
  • If you're using the header version: choose any two
  • If you're using the headerless version: choose any three
Hide all other boxes.

5. Skip this step if you are using the header-less version. Paste the code into your editor of choice and find (CTRL+F) the following URL:
Replace (CTRL+H) this URL with the URL of your own 356x213 header image. (The code does not have the Bioshock banner by default.)

6. Click Custom CSS. Make sure the drop-down box is set to No, paste the code into the box, and click Save Changes.

Credit and Comment:

Please credit spire somewhere public. (Profile, Links List, Friends Only post, etc.)
Comments aren't required, but are appreciated!

Other Instructions:


Please read all instructions and the LAYOUT FAQ before asking questions!
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
... omg I am sooooo tempted now ;A; This layout was awesome before, but now it's even better, I love what you did with the dates! ♥
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
thank you! really, wonderful♥
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
heart combo lol ♥

[and memming]
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
your layouts always make me want to change my current layout to this. x]
definitely memming for later! :D
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
I love it, thank you!
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
this ... is beautiful. i'm probably going to use it [with credit, of course] for an rp journal. &hearts
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
omg i just changed the layout from the old one! i'll definitely mem this because i do like the changes. awesome work as usual!
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
My favorite layout of yours - love the updates! ♥
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
OMG, just when I changed my layout from Aperture. :0
Dec 19 08 (UTC)
omggggg, i'll mem this for now.
it's really fantastic, tbh. i love it. :>
Dec 20 08 (UTC)
Awesome layout!

I feel like changing now._. *mems* xD
Dec 20 08 (UTC)
lovely layout. mem'ing for future use! will cedit~ ♥
Dec 20 08 (UTC)
This is lovely, using it on chagrinning now! ♥
Dec 20 08 (UTC)
I love it! Totally using, thanks :D
Dec 22 08 (UTC)
I love the updated version of this! Using now.
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