You could also say permanent hiatus, if you so wish. I realized that it was simply a farce to believe that I would make new layouts again. The fact is, not only have my interests changed, but I'm getting a lot more work from college now. LJ layout making is no longer something I have the patience for, especially when my other activities have more relevance to my desired career in game development, and/or actually have the potential to earn me a paycheck. I won't go into the details, as they'd just bore you fine folks, so in short: don't expect to see more layouts.

I'm really sorry about this -- I tried to delay the inevitable as much as possible. But it's just not going to happen anymore. So I'd like to redirect you to refutare, a layout community operated by two very talented friends of mine. You're probably watching them already, but if you aren't, get on it!

Anyway, I think I've rambled on long enough. Thank you for all the support over the years, and farewell. ♥

EDIT: The community will not be deleted. It will remain as an archive of my layouts. :)

Tutorial: Replace the Custom Userheads

Some of your friends have custom userheads, and as neat as this feature is, you may not like how they are messing the conformity of your custom tiny icons. While I couldn't help but buy a userhead that cheesily relates to my username, I can sympathize. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I reveal the code needed to correct this aberration. (This tutorial can also double as a simple introduction to replacing icons in your own layout.)

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tutorial: remove the "share this" link

If you don't like the Share This link, or if it's just messing up your layout (ie: Spin the Record), here's how to remove it with one little code snippet:

a[st_page*="home"] {display:none;}


Bear in mind that this will create extra padded space where the removed link used to be, unless you went in and altered the padding attribute yourself. See the second part of my linkbar tutorial for more information.

Layouts This Works With: Smooth Sailing, Bloggish, Flexible Squares, Opal

Note: I've only tested this on Smooth Sailing layouts, as I'm not sure if this link even shows up on other styles. From what I've seen it doesn't, but let me know if you see otherwise. (thanks, saifai!)

Tutorial: Remove the Userpic "Float" Effect in Expressive

A tutorial for achieving the effect I have used in my journal. This should work in all browsers. However, please note that I have only tested this hack with Life's a Spectrum -- if it doesn't work with other Expressive/Mixit layouts, it's up to you to adjust it as needed. I'm in the middle of end-of-semester project mire and don't really have the time or energy to offer CSS help.

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